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URBAN - handling equipment

Handling equipment completes a PVC-window production more than useful. Urban offers a wide variety of accessories for the assembly of window elements, the transportation of PVC profiles, the stocking of PVC profiles or accessories. Various tilt tables complete the Urban product range. 

The complete handling equipment product series of Urban is very sophisticated and complete a PVC-window production in an efficient way. Thanks to the handling equipment units not only the production cycle runs more smoothly, also the operation friendliness and the profitability increases as well. With the handling equipment units of Urban production steps can get facilitated and optimized. 
The handling equipment brings order into your production, structure and more productivity. 

Custom made equipment can get produced, extended or completed at any time. 

Mounting, checking and glazing units KV 1800, KV 3200

for fixing the window element for glazing and control work.

  • both clamping bars are pneumatically retractable below the table surface; that means: easy input and discharge

  • solid basic construction guarantees high stability
  • stepless pneumatic height adjustment of up to 500mm via proven tackle technique
  • the clamping pressure is adjustable via pressure regulator with manometer
  • easy and smooth transport of the window by sliding ledges or felt cover
    (please indicate the felt cover in your order)
  • fix clamping bar on the left side, on request also available on the right side (please indicate when placing order)


  • sealing stops
  • cutout for window drip, 50 mm high, 120 mm deep
  • driving unit FH 10.2 and FHS

Tiliting tables

The experience of URBAN is your advantage.

All tables are available in 3,2 m,  3,7 m and 4,2 m widths. Table support is variably extendable in depth by 1,6 m to 2,0 m.


AR - automatisch, pneumatisch abschwenkbare Rollenbahn
R = manuell abschwenkbare Rollenbahn

AR - automatically, pneumatically hinged roller conveyors

R = manually hinged roller conveyors


  • ● Deposit shelves integrated in table (ST Fach)
  • ● Flat clamping unit to be integrated at left and at right
  • ● Door frame clearance (ST Zarge)
  • ● Drive unit respectively carriage with rail (FE ST)
  • ● Table support

The table supports consist of mushroom profile strips

Optionally also available as brush or felt strip!

ST 32|16

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This is just a small excerpt from the extensive URBAN range.

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