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Depending on the window model, the PVC profile bars need to get processed before or after the welding cycle. Jambs and bars need to get adjusted to the frame contour or water slots need to get milled so the ideal diverting of the rainwater is ensured. Many different kinds of milling machine models can be found in the wide bar processing range. So Urban supplies different kind of end milling machines, water slot milling machine and many other milling machine models which fulfil all kind of processing needs. The milling machines can get used as an isolated application or get integrated into a window production cycle. Additional accessories such as roller conveyors, tilt tables etc. complete the product range and allow an ideal layout of the work place.   

Instead of single machines for different processing steps fully automated profile processing centres are available as well. The processing centres allow as required all different kind of processings with only one machine. According to the customer’s requests, the profile processing centres get equipped with the required processing tools and programmed accordingly. 

End milling machines M7 CRH, M110-12 / M100-14


URBAN M110-12 / M100-14

M110-12 / M100-14

End Milling Machine

  • also for millings of 0° to 45°
  • machine base
  • pneumatic clamping
  • quick change system

M110-12 End milling machine

for manually operating  for aluminium and vinyl profiles

  •     tiltable stop according to scale 45°-90°-45°
  •     fourfold stop
  •     pneumatic clamping
  •     quick change system for cutters
  •     machine base
  •     max. profile height: 120mm

M100-14 End milling machine

semiautomatic, for aluminium and PVC profiles

  •     tiltable stop according to scale 45°-90°-45°
  •     fourfold stop
  •     pneumatic clamping
  •     quick change system for cutters
  •     machine base
  •     max. profile height: 120mm


  •     Spraying device

Water slot milling unit WS 203, WS 203 HF

The new water slot milling units WS 203 – WS 203 HF impress with their sensational price-performance ratio and adapt ideally and individually to a wide variety of processing requirements. Most modern laser manufacturing technique is the basis of this construction.

Technical Info

Hardened and grounded shafts are the basis, ball screw bushings with seals guarantee a smooth and debris resistant operation. Stable heavy duty guides take care of a precise positioning of the units and guarantee a clear milling process.

The milling motor is equipped with a soft start function which reflects in durability. Also, the rotation speed of the motors on the WS 203 is infinitely variable from 11.000 to 33.000 u/min. These features not only provide for low power consumption but also reduce the acoustic noise level.

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All milling unites can individually get started and when necessary, only a drilling work step is possible.

The WS 203-HF is equipped with very solid and maintenance free high-frequency motors.

Short set-up times and greatest variety allow revolver stops with 6 positions each and make the operation very comfortable. Via locking lever technology, the positions can get changed in next to no time.

Highlight of this construction is a tiltable milling unit in both directions, on the top 20° each and from 0 – 65 ° on the bottom.

This allows the uncompromising processing of frame bars as well as sliding systems.

The pneumatic side stops in combination with the bottom milling unit save time enormously.

WS 203: 175 kg
WS 203 HF: 225 kg

230 V
50 - 60 Hz
WS 203: 2,2 kW
WS 203 HF: 1 kW 

WS 203: 13000 - 33000 1/min
WS 203 HF: 18000 1/min

WS 203

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Copy router A 23 A / A 23 AZ

  • two machining heads
  • manual feed of the olive drilling unit
  • two horizontal pneumatic clamps
  • with universal copying template

Technical Info
  • copying tracer with a diameter of 5, 8 and 10 mm
  • two-blade milling cutter, 5 mm, 8 mm shaft: 8 mm
  • three-spindle drilling head with 12-14-12 drills
  • with lateral stop and four hinged stops
  • with machine base

160 kg

230 / 400 V

B = 1030 mm
T = 830 mm
H = 1760 mm


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