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The most important requirement of the further quality of a window is a precisely tailored cut. This is where the course is set how precise the following processing steps can be effected. In the cutting field, Urban offers a wide range of machines. There are double mitre saws for aluminium and PVC available, glass ledge saws, end mills, steel saws, notch saws for V-weldings, underfloor saws, saws for overlap profiles etc.

It goes without saying that all cutting machines meet the high quality standard of Urban and are equipped with a uniform modern and sturdy construction. All cutting units can get integrated into existing production lines. In addition to that miscellaneous equipment such as suction units, transportation belts, length support etc. are available as well. 

As a result the production can get optimized and designed more operator friendly at any time.

DGU 500 Double Mitre Saw with saw blade Ø 500 mm

  • Semiautomatic operation 
  • Right head is manually adjustable 
  • Both heads can manually get adjusted by 45° to the outside and 30° to the inside. 
  • Two-hand operation
Technical info

  • Low voltage controller
  • In addition to that the saws are equipped with a support for long work pieces
  • An up to 6 m long version is available upon request
  • Digital measuring displays (standard)
  • The saw is equipped with two vertical and two horizontal clamps

Work place related emission values L pA = 90,4 dB (A)

Measuring safety constant K = 4 dB (A)

Sonic performance level L WA = 101,9 dB (A)

Measuring safety constant K = 4 dB (A)


DGU 600 Double mitre saw with saw blade Ø 600 mm

  • for precise low-burr cutting of PVC and aluminium profiles.

  • -Left and right unit mobile (central adjustment of units with spindle drive)

  • -Max. cutting length 4000mm, 500mm min. inner dimension at 90°.

Technical info
  • Including saw blades, diam. = 600mm, 2 three-phase motors 3.0 kW, 2800 rpm,
  • Horizontal and vertical clamping cylinders, clamping device for pairwise cutting
  • Stop for short pieces, pneumatically selectable


  • Pneumatic adjustment of unit 45°-90°-135° with transom tip cutting function without reclamping
  • Socket for exhaust 100mm per unit, central support for profile support
  • Container for waste and cuttings.
  • Roller track 1800mm mounted at head (attachment on leftside or rightside)
  • Including electronic positioning control PC with touch screen

ca. 1900 kg

230-400 V
50-60 HZ
6,5 kW - 3 x 16 A

L = 7700 mm
H = 1875 mm
T = 1443 mm


Glazing beads saw GLS 102, 200/S

With our bead saws GLS 102 and GLS 200/S for cutting two pvc beads in an angle of 45°we developed for you two very robust and flexible machines that are easy to maintain. Additionally they convince by their price-performance ratio and optimally meet your productional requirements.

Technical Info

The GLS 102 as well as the GLS 200/S are equipped with two powerful three-phase motors each 0,75 kW and four pneumatic clamping cylinders with white rubbered pressure pads in order to avoid dents and marks at the beads. Clamping sequence freely eligible with switch (only at GLS 200/S). At the guide carriage wiper rings ensure that no residuals get into the bearing and the ball bushings. This prolongs the saw‘s life in your production.


Generally with both machines you can cut two beads at the same time. With the GLS 200/S we even offer the option to cut four beads in one working step. This guarantees efficiency and helps to save valuable production time while the automatic feed ensures constantly high machining quality. Additionally the GLS 200/S is equipped with a glass simulation unit with 10-fold turret stop simulating the clamping of the beads in glazed state. The saw blades are included in the scope of delivery.


  • exhausts URB 2200-2 (compellable necessary for GLS 200/S)
  • exhaust device for GLS 102
  • profile-dependent limiters
  • profile support: 3 m or 6 m
  • manual measuring device 1,5 m and 3 m
  • electronic servo length stop
  • frequency converter for speed (for GLS 200/S)

GLS 102 - 175 kg
GLS 200/S - 179 kg

230 / 400 V
50 - 60 Hz
1,5 kW

GLS 102
L/T = 1075 mm, B = 510 mm, H = 1040 mm

GLS 200/S
L/T = 975 mm, B = 685 mm, H = 1205 mm


Length stop LAEG 2600 / LAER 2600

The well-conceived and low-wear design of Urban’s length stop LAEG 2600 and LAER 2600 is the base for an efficient use in your production.

Technical Info
  • LAEG 2600 with straight stainless steel support (V2A) for glazing beads
  • LAER 2600 with roller conveyor support for additional profiles

By using servomotors, the individual lengths can be quickly and precisely reached. Moreover, the positioning system applied ensures maximum repeating accuracy, high holding power and short travelling times


Another advantage is the IPC being used as standard with large touch monitor and graphic menu guiding. Interfaces RS232, USB to connect a scanner and network connection as well as an uninterruptible power supply are integrated. Individual cutting parameters and profile dependent length additions (individual changes for each profile) are standard. 

A radio measuring rod with a measuring length of 1500 mm including extension to 2600 mm is optionally available.

ca. 170 kg

230 V

400 V
50 - 60 Hz
1,5 kW bei Mobil 1602
2 kW bei Mobil 200


Total range

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This is just a small excerpt from the extensive URBAN range.

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