Why IGS?


All frame profiles, hardware, and screws provided by IGS windows & doors are made in Germany and imported to Vietnam, or manufactured with German machines U-R-B-A-N following German standards by staff well-trained by German experts.

They useslead-free, antimicrobial uPVC raw materials that are harmless to humans, making it suitable for projects of all shapes and sizes, including hospitals and schools where highest safety standards are required.


Our products are imported from Germany and apply latest insulation and protection technologies against burglary, ready to meet your highest expectations in architecture and building security.

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IGS brings out tranquility and peace in your spaces with first-class soundproofed windows & doors applied with high-grade co-extruded EPDM gaskets, one of latest insulation and sealing technologies from Europe, keeping your buildings and homes from sound, heat, and water ingress.

"Elevated workplace or environmental noise can cause hearing impairment, hypertension, ischemic heart disease, annoyance, and sleep disturbance." (Wikipedia, Health effects from noise)

Energy Efficient

Although windows comprise only 8 % of the entire building envelope, they cause almost 40 % of the building’s heat loss.

IGS products, manufactured in Germany with the best thermal insulation technologies, reduces heat loss through windows and cuts down air-con / heater electricity consumption and costs, at homes and in offices!

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Environmentally-conscious production and durable composition of all our product ranges allow them to last for at least 30 years and be recycled time and again.

This reduces carbon footprints and minimizes greenhouse effects, making them ideal long-term choices for Mother Earth and earthlings. Yes, it's you!

10 years guaranteed

With 10+ years of experience manufacturing and working with uPVC, IGS Windows & Doors guarantees the provided supplies and services are proper, complete, defect-free and of perfect quality.

Every purchase from IGS grants you a warranty scheme that lasts a decade.

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