How to care for your new PVC windows

How to care for your new PVC window frames

aluplast window profiles are made of weathering resistant high-quality PVC that requires low maintenance. Common soiling on the even, non-porous and hygienic surface caused by rain and dust can easily be removed with normal washing-up liquid.

Never use cleansing agents that can damage the surface as abrasives or chemicals (e.g. nitro diluter), benzene or similar agents. Clean your windows as required according to the type and level of soiling. 

How to care for the gaskets

The gaskets of your PVC window are made of high-quality weathering and ageing resistant rubber. Remember when cleaning your windows to also remove dust and soiling from the gasket. To durably conserve the gaskets’ elasticity and functionality apply special silicone oil every now and then. 

How to care for the hardware

To conserve your hardware’s functionality and movability you should lubricate it once in a while. Use oil to lubricate the movable parts of your hardware and non-corroding grease or petroleum jelly (Vaseline) for the locking points. By this means you can conserve your windows’ functionality. 

Initial cleaning of PVC windows after installation

Despite all the care taken by the craftsmen during installation, soiling as mortar splatters, fingerprints, wallpaper paste, colour splatters etc. may occur. Most soiling can easily be removed. Mortar and colour splatters generally can be removed with a semi-rigid putty knife. Carefully scrape the soiling off and wipe with a damp cloth.

Take care not to damage the surfaces as the small, sharp pebbles may leave scratches. Adhesive residues on the glass can carefully be removed with a sharp razor blade.

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