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Window Production Screws

EJOT supplies window drilling screws for process-safe screwing in modern window production systems. EJOMAT quality allows a high degree of cleanliness, trouble-free assembly sequences and better results in automatic screw mounting in order to achieve maximum profitability.

EJOT® Self-drilling screw FD42 for fixing metal reinforced

EJOT® Fensterbauschraube Typ S - Amierungsschrauben


  • For fixing metal reinforced and multi-ply uPVC profiles and fittings to steel or aluminium sections up to 4 mm thick.
  • Also suited to install fittings


  • no pre-drilling necessary
  • problem-free processing with automatic fastening equipment and high functional performance
  • One type of screw for up to three applications
  • Reduction of application errors
  • Reliable fastening process

Technical specifications:

  • Drilling capacity up to 4.0 mm
  • Head diameter: 7.5 mm
  • Special thread
  • Drive: PH2

EJOT® Window screw type Super E

EJOT®  Fensterbauschraube Typ Super E - Beschlagschrauben


  • Particularly suitable for fixing tilt and turn fittings in PVC profiles
  • Also suited for fixing locking plates strips and bearings
  • Also suited for reinforcing steel rods with pre-drilling


  • with 4.2 mm thread diameter
  • for problem-free production on all production lines
  • with one-start screw thread for automation suitable installation torques
  • with under-head serrations for increased safety against stripping
  • with slightly curved head for flawless appearance even with bevelled installation
  • for efficient installation even in reinforcing steel of up to 2.5 wall thickness, because no mating thread is formed (pre-drilling necessary)

Technical specifications:

  • Head diameter: 7 mm
  • Drive: Phillips PH 2
  • Thread type: one-start screw thread

EJOT® Frame anchor type RA-P

EJOT®  Rahmenanker RA-P - Fenstereinbau Mauerwerk/Beton


Especially suited for

  • direct fastening of plastic windows in masonry and concrete, without any anchors
  • the efficient spaced fixing fo windows and doors
  • installation according to the RAL quality association guidelines for windows and doors


  • optimum load-transmission and guidance due to Torx drive
  • reduced forming moulding and exact fit due to perfect thread geometry
  • fast installation, reliable anchoring
  • long-term protection against corrosion
  • including white RAL 9010 push-on caps

Technical specifications:

Installation process

  • Drill frame holes Ø 6.2 mm, in-plant or on site, Spacing acc. to RAL quality assessment
  • Align frame thoroughly in masonry opening
  • Drill Ø 6 mm holes into stone, drill hole depth = installation depth + 10 mm
  • Fix with EJOT frame anchor by using common tools
  • Push-on cap if necessary


  • minimum installation depth
  • Concrete: 30 mm
  • Sand-lime brick, Solid brick: 40 mm
  • Vertically perforated brick, lightweight concrete, pumice: 60 mm

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This is just a small excerpt from the extensive EJOT range.

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