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The company aluplast was founded in 1982 by Manfred J. Seitz. Flexibility, a fast decision-making process, great emphasis on an ideal cooperation and offering market-ready and appropriateproducts enable aluplast to meet global requirements. From reasonable priced to exclusive highvalue solution the system provider sets its value on the market needs.

Up to the present, the company has been remained to be a family owned company and is being managed by the founder’s sons Dirk and Patrick Seitz. 

Today, aluplast with its high-quality window solutions is known as the technology leader in the branch, presenting at least one brilliant innovation every year. This also applies to aluplast’s latest development: energeto®, an energy-efficient window frame profile with metal-free thermoplastic reinforcements.

This patented and highly awarded window system is developed by aluplast and our partner BASF – the chemical company. energeto® allows the production of a window system both thermally insulating and economical at the same time without the need of steel reinforcements, which was impossible prior to that. A unique thermal insulation of up to Uw = 0.60 w/m²K can be achieved by using energeto®.

Over the past decades, the company has been developing a worldwide network of more than twenty production and sale subsidiaries. Day by day, the uPVC window system provider ensures quality and best technical support to our partner, worldwide.

Service and innovation made in Germany.


IGS windows & doors Co. Ltd,
A7/40, Hamlet 1, Vinh Loc B ward, Binh Chanh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam

Floor 6, Hai Au Building, 39B Truong Son, Ward 4, Tan Binh Dist, HCMC

Company contact:
Hotline:: +84 (0) 977 515 572
Office: +84 (0) 28 6674 3535

Ms. Ha, Thi Dieu Huong

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IGS windows & doors Co., Ltd
Floor 6, Hai Au Building, 39B Truong Son, Ward 4, Tan Binh Dist, Ho Chi Minh City

Hotline: +84 (0) 977 515 572

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