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For more than 40 years the core competence of Urban is the production of vinyl welding machines for the heater plate welding of PVC window profiles. The extensive product range of Urban includes machines for all different levels of performances. So there are e.g. machines available for the manual welding of PVC profile up to fully automated welding machine lines. 

Customers can select between one to eight welding heads.  In general all welding machine models of Urban have a solid machine base construction. All models are equipped with all adjustments and parameters necessary for the production of PVC-windows. It can be taken for granted that all components correspond to our high quality standard. 

Single-head welding machine AKS 1150

A solid and wear resistant construction of the Urban welding machine AKS 1150 is the basis for a long life in your production.

  • AKS 1150 with weld seam limitation of 0.2 mm and 2.0 mm.

Technical Info

Due to the parallel welding process you get an optimal machining quality and excellent welding precision with angle weldings of 30° or 180°. Especially the manual adjustment of the weld seam limitation from 0.2 to 2.0mm allows outstanding results with white and foiled profiles.

A further plus is the large standard adjustment (300mm x 70mm) for an easier profile insertion. All welding parameters can be individually adjusted, so the machine optimally adapts to your production requirements. The proven SPC control allows an easy and clear handling.

Optionally available*:

  • support stand
  • digital angle indication
  • gasket moulder for the welding of profiles with gaskets (not possible with heating elements of 450 mm)
  • extension of heating element to 450 mm

ca. 330 kg

Dimensions of heating elements:  350 mm
230 V, L1-N-PE, 1,5 kW

Dimensions of heating elements:  450 mm
230 V, L1-N-PE, 1,9 kW

Air pressure:
NW 8 min. 7 bar

AKS 1150

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Double-head welding machine AKS3950

With the double-head welding machine AKS 3950 you weld two corners in an angle of 90° in only one working step. The AKS 3950 stands for a modern machine base conception in conjunction with a consequent and efficient construction.

Technical Info

AKS 3950 with weld seam limitation of 2.0 to 2,0 mm
(can also be adjusted during commissioning or even at a later point of time)

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A clearly arranged SPC control guarantees easy and operator-friendly handling and the good accessibility to all components makes it easier to clean and maintain the machine. The flexibility of the AKS 3950 and the adaptability to different profiles is an important plus for your production: all parameters (e.g. heating time, joining time, welding temperature, joining pressure and fusing pressure, etc.) of each single profile can be individually adjusted. 

As the heating element is descending into the welding area from above you can weld profiles up to a height of 200 mm. The automatic welding head positioning enables you to insert the profile very quick and exactly. All in all the AKS 3950 convinces by efficiency and a clear arrangement of all control elements and optimally adapts to your production needs. 

The scope of delivery includes one set of back stops and support arms with movable support plate.

ca. 650 kg

L/T = 3050 mm B = 1000 mm H = 1800 mm

230 / 400 V
50 - 60 Hz
3 kW

Ait pressure:
7 bar bei 36 L

AKS 3950

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Horizontal 4-head welding machine AKS 6600

Technische Info

With the horizontal multi-head welding machines AKS 6605 and 6610 we developed for you a very flexible and high-quality series of machines that optimally meet your requirements.

  • AKS 6605 with weld seam limitation of 2.0 mm
  • AKS 6610 with weld seam limitation of 0.2 mm
    (equipped with heated plates and stainless steel knives)

All components correspond to our high quality standard – so you know for sure that you always produce reliably. The good accessibility of those components allows quick and easy cleaning and maintenance.

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A big plus for the operator is the diagonal release of the front clamping slides. Due to this function you are able to insert the profile bars without problems – even with very small elements. Additionally the stop lath remains in the front position so that also the very last profile bar can be ergonomically inserted.

All parameters (e.g welding temperature, heating time, fusing pressure, joining pressure, joining time) can be individually adjusted – this allows an optimal adaptation to different profiles. The welding temperature is constantly monitored by perfectly synchronized temperature regulators and heating elements. An electronic pressure valve and a temperature regulator controlled via PC are optionally available. With this the working pressure for welding and fusing as well as the temperature automatically change when other welding parameters are called (can also be selected via data connection).

The automatic adjustment of the fusing time to different cross sections of profiles, the click-stop system and the integrated frame limitation of 40 to 200 mm (optionally 240 mm) ensure excellent flexibility. Electronic positioning of the axes X and Y via AC servo-motors which are disconnected during the welding process (no position control). All machines are equipped with an integrated discharge to a subsequent cleaning machine.

ca. 3100 kg bei 27/35
ca. 3000 kg bei 27/25
each without special units

230 / 400
V50 - 60 Hz
9 kW/18 A

Air pressure:
7 bar

AKS 6600

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